The worlds of Tim’s writing have so far followed four distinct universes. While there are themes and stylistic elements that pass between these worlds, each remains as independent and distinct as such things can be. Learn more about the worlds, the works they contain, and the origin of each universe below, in the author’s words:


The world of Veridon first found form in a series of short stories that I began in a little notebook in 2006, while on vacation. The first story appeared in the excellent Electric Velocipede, and the rest found publication in Interzone, a prominent sf/f magazine in the UK. Those sales led to my first novel, my agent, and eventually world domination. Or something.

The short stories that form the basis for Veridon have been collected in a single volume, BONES OF VERIDON, available here. In that anthology I muse about each of the stories, what I was trying to do with the world as I was creating it on the page, and how things changed from Jeremy Walking to Jacob Burn.

The Ordered World

The Ordered World is a post-apocalyptic flintlock fantasy with a hard magic system reminiscent of Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn world. The war between Heaven and Hell has taken a turn for the worse, and the world is slowly falling apart. At the center of the world, the Iron College struggles to hold reality together from their citadel in the branches of the dead world-tree, Fulcrum. Magic is based on binding your soul to spirits of the eight planes; Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Life, Death, Order, and Chaos. But the spirits of those realms have their own goals and ambitions, and fight their own battles, with mortals as their pawns.

The first series in The Ordered World is the Spiritbinder Saga, kicking off with Wraithbound. When Rae Kelthannis tries to bind his soul to an air elemental, he instead accidentally binds himself to the wraith of a murdered mage. When the demonic cabal that committed that murder learns of this, they hunt Rae to the ends of the world. Literally.
Join Rae in his battle with demons, assassins, and the secrets that damned his own family in Wraithbound.

City of Ash

My second novel, THE HORNS OF RUIN, is set in the City of Ash, and featured Eva Forge, last paladin of the dead god Morgan. I had a great deal of fun writing this book, and hope to one day expand on this universe. It was my first attempt at epic fantasy, and is heavily influenced by games and media like the Final Fantasy series and other genre-bending examples of traditional anime. The world of Eva Forge is filled with glittering skyscrapers and old gods and magical swords and chain guns. If these things appeal to you, well, you know what to do.

The Hallowed War

My most ambitious series was a trilogy that completed in 2018. The first book was THE PAGAN NIGHT, followed by THE IRON HOUND and finishing with THE WINTER VOW. This is a truly epic fantasy, following the adventures of an inquisitor of the Celestial Church, a heretic of the old religions, and the aging champion of the last war who must try to unite them. Clever marketing people have called it a mix between Game of Thrones and Princess Mononoke, but I like to think of it as The Reformation mixed with The War of the Roses and twisted into a fantasy RPG. There are lots of battles, lots of heretics, and a healthy dose of adventure.