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The Burn Cycle

Dead of Veridon

The thrilling conclusion to Tim Akers’ hard-boiled steampunk-noir series, The Burn Cycle. The city of Veridon used Jacob Burn horribly. The Council, the Church, even his family betrayed his trust, and still Burn risked everything to save their lives. For his sacrifice, he lost his tenuous ties to lawful society, his place in the criminal […]

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Heart of Veridon

The first novel in Tim Akers’ captivating steampunk-noir series, The Burn Cycle. Captain-turned-criminal Jacob Burn is the unlikely survivor of two zepliner crashes. The first destroyed his career as a pilot, disgracing his nobleman father and ending his life of privilege. But the second threatens to destroy Burn’s whole world—Veridon, an ancient terraced city reborn […]

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