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AN AGENT OF KNIGHT WATCH, TASKED TO PROTECT HUMANITY FROM SUPERNATURAL ENEMIES, MUST GO TO HELL AND BACK TO CLEAR HIS NAME AND SAVE THE WORLD When John Rast signed up for Knight Watch, he expected it to be all fighting dragons and rescuing maidens. You know, hero stuff. But instead he’s stuck patrolling game […]

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Knight Watch

Men In Black at the Ren Faire! John Rast went to the Ren Faire looking for a fight. Well, a simulated fight, with blunt swords and safety equipment. But when his final opponent turns into a living, fire-breathing dragon, John finds himself in the fight of his life. It’s John or nothing stopping a disaster […]

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The Winter Vow

A Reckoning is at Hand On the eve of battle, an army tears itself apart from withing. A new, unassailable force rises from the slaughter, with the power to raise the dead and harness wild gods. Malcolm Blakley’s fighters flee the battlefield, alliances shift and fail, and Malcolm himself is once more running for his […]

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The Iron Hound

MAD GODS WALK THE LAND Tensions flare between north and south, and hatreds erupt into war. Yet the conflicts of men are quickly overshadowed by a far greater threat. Creatures long kept confined rise from below, spreading destruction on an unimaginable scale. The flames of war are fanned by the Celestial Church, whose inquisitors and […]

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The Pagan Night

The Pagan Night is the first in an exciting and epic new series by talented world-bender Tim Akers. The island of Tenumbra is a land torn apart by its own gods, driven mad when the Celestial Church banished the old religion from the north and united the two nations of Tener and Suhdra under one […]

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