Windy all up in this Con

I’ll be appearing at Windycon this weekend, in glamorous Lombard, Illinois. Come to the Yorktown Westin and listen to me spout profoundly about religion in fantasy, fantasy in religion, and sometimes even writing stuff! If you come to my reading on Saturday you can hear the first chapter of The Pagan Night, and if you come to my signing you can watch me sit awkwardly in complete isolation! Here’s my schedule:

Friday 4:00 Respecting Religion in Fiction: Lilac B: Whether it is Judaism, Christianity, Shinto, Islam, or Bahai, how does an author ensure that they are respectful of their own and other religious beliefs?  And when and how should the author not be respectful? T. Akers (M), M.K. Bohnhoff, M. Huston, C. Moore, Gene Wolfe
Saturday 2:00 Is World Building Necessary?  Lilac C: Fritz Leiber, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and others created their worlds as their works evolved.  Can that technique be used by modern authors whose readers have modern sensibilities? T. Akers, P. Anderson, R. Frencl, T. Trumpinski, Gary Wolfe (M)
Saturday 6:00-6:25 Reading: Boardroom, T. Akers
Sunday 10:00 Autographing: Hallway: T. Akers, M. Crowell, G. Wolfe
Sunday 1:00 Does a Good Novel Really Need a Plot? Lilac B: Many readers put plot ahead of all else, but novels include much more to a novel:  characterization, themes, setting…Can a novel lack a plot and still be a good novel? T. Akers, W. Boyes, P. Eisenstein, C. Gerrib, C. Moore, K. Swails (M)
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