Why Fantasy

From pretty much the beginning of my writing career, I’ve gotten the question of why I write fantasy. Sometimes it’s asked harmlessly, but sometimes it’s meant as a slur. Why don’t you write something serious, they mean. Why don’t you write something that will matter. And it’s not a terrible question, as these things go. […]

Character Creation

I’m in a strange lull right now. The Pagan Night is with the copyeditor. ARCs are being printed, but have not yet arrived. The outline for book two in the series is on my editor’s desk, but actual writing can’t begin until that’s approved. I have more time to read, but still want to spend […]

Heading back to Gameville

This is kind of a last minute addition to my schedule, but I’m going to GenCon this year. I haven’t been since they moved to Indianapolis, having put dreams of being a famous game designer behind me in the late nineties. But the writer’s track and support for authors has grown exponentially in the last […]

Covering The Pagan Night

I just got my hands on this, so rather than posting something substantive, I’m just going to give you this and then run gleefully around the yard. Ladies and gentlemen, the cover for The Pagan Night.

Politics by way of DnD

Dungeons and Dragons has an interesting alignment system that charts your character’s moral and philosophical standing along two axes. Axis one is Good vs. Evil and axis two is Lawful vs. Chaotic. The first standard is both common and long standing. Though the precise definitions might change depending on religion or culture or time period, […]

The Septic System

This is a quick, unscheduled post to address something that happened on the internet. I just want to say that I stand by Irene Gallo, and echo the thoughts of Kameron Hurley, Tobias Buckell and Chuck Wendig. Double standards, doubled down by corporate masters. I call bullshit. Jesus Christ, people. Where are the adults?

Getting better at difficult things

I’m going to engage in a little nostalgia this morning. This is part of an object lesson, about what can be achieved with persistent effort. It relates to last week’s post on discipline. New writers sometimes complain that they don’t have the necessary talent, that so-and-so was just born a better writer. And there’s a […]

Why I am weak, and how I am strong

I have a problem with discipline. Up until a certain point in my life, no one ever made me stick with something I didn’t want to do. I played soccer in middle school, but after I got hit in the face with a ball I told my parents I didn’t want to go anymore, and […]

Getting Fired

Over the course of my life, I have been fired from one job, and that was on the day that I quit. I was a baker, working the 2 AM to 9 AM shift. I had just gotten married, and frankly I was tired of only seeing my wife in passing, so I turned in […]