Where do updates come from?

In this case, they come from the depths of my writing bunker as I struggle to make my next deadline. The sequel to T he Pagan Night is maybe half way done, and that’s only the first draft. I’m really a revision writer, so even after I finish these 160k words, there’s going to be […]

Heading to Capricon

I’m going to be at Capricon in Wheeling, Illinois this weekend, saying smart things in public, expounding on the great mysteries of the universe, and possibly drinking at least one beer. Here’s my schedule for the convention. Do come around, won’t you? What would SF Look Like in a Science Fiction World? – Friday, 02-12-2016 […]

The Pagan Roundup

There are a bunch of exciting interviews and articles I did in preparation for the release of The Pagan Night. As those become available online, I thought I’d keep a running tally on this post. That way you can be sure to stay current on all the brilliant things I’ve said without having to scour […]

Into the Awesomelands

  So. Into the Badlands. If you didn’t watch it, let me start by commending it to you. I’m going to talk a little bit about it here, but I’ll tryto avoid spoilers. It’s a good show. Watch it. Last night was the final episode of the season. I want to start by listing everything […]

Preparing for launch

It’s time to rouse the hounds and change the oil in the media machine! The Pagan Night launches in January, and I need to start planning my blog tour and related internet activities for that critical end-of-month period. If you have a venue that you think would be improved by my shining presence, please contact […]

Windy all up in this Con

I’ll be appearing at Windycon this weekend, in glamorous Lombard, Illinois. Come to the Yorktown Westin and listen to me spout profoundly about religion in fantasy, fantasy in religion, and sometimes even writing stuff! If you come to my reading on Saturday you can hear the first chapter of The Pagan Night, and if you […]

Final Cover Reveal

This month has been taken up with the rather hectic business of getting The Pagan Night into its final fighting trim for the January release, as well as launching in on The Iron Hound. But I finally have the final cover for The Pagan Night! Check out those blurbs! I will also be sharing some […]

Why Fantasy

From pretty much the beginning of my writing career, I’ve gotten the question of why I write fantasy. Sometimes it’s asked harmlessly, but sometimes it’s meant as a slur. Why don’t you write something serious, they mean. Why don’t you write something that will matter. And it’s not a terrible question, as these things go. […]

Character Creation

I’m in a strange lull right now. The Pagan Night is with the copyeditor. ARCs are being printed, but have not yet arrived. The outline for book two in the series is on my editor’s desk, but actual writing can’t begin until that’s approved. I have more time to read, but still want to spend […]